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Free ZIP Code Database

You can download our free ZIP code list below. The download is in CSV format which can easily be opened with Excel or another spreadsheet application. The data comes from authoritative sources such as the United States Postal Service (2011), US Census Bureau (2010), the Internal Revenue Service (2008), and Yahoo. For more information on data accuracy, please see the discussion of ZIP codes.

Download: zip_code_database.csv (5.30MB)


  1. ZIP
  2. Type
  3. Primary City
  4. Acceptable Cities (according to USPS)
  5. Unacceptable Cities (according to USPS)
  6. State
  7. County
  8. Timezone
  9. Area Codes
  10. Latitude
  11. Longitude
  12. World Region
  13. Country
  14. Decommissioned
  15. Estimated Population

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